Tuesday, 18 August 2009


"Get rid of anything that is not useful, beautiful or joyful."

In running, there is nothing superfluous. Every moment, each movement serves a purpose. It is all useful, beautiful and joyful... all constructive. Every run brings me closer to the vision of who I can be, every step makes me stronger, every day brings a victory, every mile a shout that says 'I can... I am... I will...'.

In training there is purpose, there is vision, there is hope... and faith, courage, determination, focus, patience, investment... there is now and tomorrow, and a forgiveness of yesterday.

If my life were a big, long run... I would be a wise woman... I would not have to pause to ask myself how to live according to this mantra.

Monday, 17 August 2009

So what's been up with you?

Great question huh?

Listening to this as I write... thinking about the next time my feet will 'hit the road' again... it feels just like this - close your eyes, pop in your earphones, think of a gorgeous road winding along the coastline and feel the sweat, the rhythm, the sense of not quite flying, one foot in front of another, no questions asked, no answers sought...

I am still hovering around 20km per week, give or take a few km. I wish I was a bit further along... and yet, I'm glad to be running, progress and endpoint notwithstanding.

A week ago on Friday, I did my longest run so far (just over 11km) and ended up hobbling for a few days following that. Not sure if it was because I ran 2 days in a row that week, or if it was the distance or the pace, but my groin cramped up from about 7-8km. So over the past week, even though I've run 3 times, i've really been quite gentle with myself, run-walking and slowing down considerably to accomodate my still-quite-achey right inner thigh. It's feeling quite good today, so I'm looking forward to my next run on Wednesday!