Sunday, 13 February 2011

Rainy Sunday Edition...

Wet, cold and quiet... one of those perfect Sunday afternoons to just catch up on random computer activities such as downloading photos and updating my Garmin Training Center.

So I did my 20km yesterday at a 6:51 pace, but chose a slightly easier one way route with a mean elevation of around -95m. Was a fantastic run, ending along this promenade at Sai Kung town center where I promptly popped into a popular bakery for some goodies before heading home!

And to keep with the theme of photos and scenery on my running trips, here's a glimpse of a other shots I took during my previous 2 long runs... aren't I lucky to live in this part of Hong Kong! These trails make for some killer, but very rewarding running...

What are you doing this cold winter Sunday? :)

(P/S annoying bug alert - if you have a Garmin, do NOT download the latest ANT Agent update, v 2.2.13 I believe it is... it's just totally messed up my data - it somehow includes stopped time so that your total times and pace in the TC end up different from what's on your watch... argh, how annoying is that! and I am not techie enough to fix it, so will just have to wait for the next update. Be warned!)

Friday, 11 February 2011

Not quite sure what I feel...

It looks like I won't be in LA the week of the marathon itself... my plans may have to take a big shift towards the Sundown Marathon in Singapore at the end of May instead.

Good news is that I've gained another 10 weeks of training time, so I have a total of 15 weeks from now.

Not so good news is that this comes just after I had made up my mind to give it my all for LA (including psyching myself up for a 3.5-4hour long run this weekend and also making my hotel booking)... and the Sundown is an overnight marathon in hot weather...

But hey, what the heck right? If I'm going to do it, what's the big deal about a bit more sweating, a few swear words and potentially more challenges with hydration and chafing... REAL runners aren't put off by anything of these minor annoyances! Gotta remember my goals from the start of this year and that Singular Resounding Yes!

This week has looked like this -
Monday - 2 hours tennis
Tuesday - 30 minute spin interval, plus core/arms
Weds - 9.5km with 6x800m intervals
Thursday - easy 4.5km, plus core/arms
Today - rest/light yoga

Plan is for a 'quicker' long run tomorrow (will challenge myself to 20km @ 7-7.30 pace) since I don't have to do my 4 hour long run now. Weather forecast is for spitting drizzle and temps in the low teens... nothing to those in truly cold climes, but this is the real Hong Kong winter!

Monday, 7 February 2011

Back on the seat again...

It was tough going getting back to running again mid last week... easy runs were tough, and yesterday's long run was also trying. However, I'm glad to say that my legs are feeling surprisingly sprightly today, so I'm recovering well from a combined 35km over 3 consecutive days (the full week's tally was 42km). Bodes well. I need to squeeze in 2 30km runs in the next 3 weeks before taper... I say I haven't decided whether or not to run LA, but I am still maniacally working in that direction. Maybe I should just save myself the stress and just throw my heart and mind into it fully now!

A question from the #Reverb10 team:

One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living? Are you living new questions?

My questions...

- Why is it so hard to be a decent human being towards my mother? (ancient and never ending)
- Can I run my first marathon in 6 weeks when my longest run so far has only been 25km? (new and very real)
- Am I allowed so much chocolate and snacking just because I'm training for a marathon and not particularly obsessed about losing any more weight? (kind of but not entirely new ha!)
- Am I lucky or just plain lazy to be blogging while I'm at work? Do I really even care? (not new)
- How am I doing with my 2011 plans? (ongoing... for now, I'm doing ok - most of my running related ones are on track, most of the others are patchy at best so this is a great reminder!)
- Isn't it nice to have already done a PB in the 10km? (new... *smiles*)
- I hate PMS, why won't it go away forever? (another ancient and unanswerable one)
- I'm having PMS, so don't I deserve to have a chocolate bar after lunch? (monthly)
- How far will I go this year? (new)

Some thoughts as we launch into another new week! It's going to be a 45+km week... watch this space!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sniffle sniffle cough... cough!

Yes, still sick, but not too sick that I can't run! :) I'm dying to head out there today but don't think I'll get a chance before the sun heads down (and it turns chilly...), so it may still need to wait yet one more day. Feeling more optimistic though... I just need to get back out there quickly so my confidence will return.

So here's a thought for you...

"It's not about dedicating your life to your training, but about dedicating your training to your life." - Dan Millman

Isn't that something to carry with you this week? My life isn't about the training... instead my training is about life - it is celebrating life, it is embracing life, it is thanking life, it is loving life, it is wringing all I can out of life!