Friday, 15 July 2011

A thought for this weekend...

"While investing in gold, stocks, and bonds might be a recipe for hedonic wealth — riches that can be used to buy the dismal, mass-produced, rapidly depreciating, worthless-by-next-month commodities that line the sagging exurban shelves of every crammed-to-the-brim, beige big box store from here to Pluto — my little suggestion's a set of ingredients to craft your own recipe for eudaimonic wealth — riches that are made up of the stuff you probably can't buy, but have to earn: the stuff that people usually don't (and probably won't) sell, but can choose to freely bestow upon you, give to you, and keep in trust for you."
- Umair Haque over at Harvard Business Review

Yes, we are talking about things like love, kindness, compassion, true passion and dedication, creativity, beauty, freedom, peace, contentment and sufficiency, wisdom, courage, sacrifice...

His challenge to his readers... and mine to you this weekend:
Put what, why, and who you love ahead of what, why, and who you don't, and your roadmap will begin to write itself.

I value all the things that money and corporations and careers and material goods cannot give me - running, time, goodness of my fellow people, contentment, handiwork and gardening, physical well being and health... let this guide my thoughts this weekend and my life's roadmap.

What does your list look like?

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